Ellie Hammond

Represented by James Talent Group, bio from their site:
“Ellie grew up in a small town where just about everyone knew everyone. While she appreciates the comfort of home, she says her small-town upbringing gave her a desire to see the world. Luckily she was able to do just that when traveling with her volleyball team. It was on one of those trips, Ellie was scouted and decided to taker her chance as a model. Her fresh look and freckles have made her an in demand model and Ellie is looking forward to where her career will take her next.”


Write notepads promotion videos

I was asked to shoot some promotional videos for two of write notepads new books, I shot these in Baltimore in Mt. Vernon and the Lou Costello Comedy club. Promotional brand videos like this are super important to help sell a product and they also let me have some fun and get creative. Both were shot with Fujifilm’s x-h2s which helped me shoot the videos very quickly and efficiently, without the need of a crew. 

Thank you to Erik Reffitt (Notebook video) and Michael Furr (Whiskey Video) for modeling! 

From Write Pads website:

“Write Notepads & Co. wants to change the perception of the notebook. We want to make the notebook cool again. We intend to make notebooks that are sophisticated and useful. We are not making a product that requires kid gloves to maintain. This is something we expect to be fully intact full of sketches and notes 25 or 30 years from now.

With three generations of bookmaking and finishing knowledge Write Notepads & Co. makes a notebook for people who still desire to put pen to paper. Write Notepads & Co. is a company dedicated to designing contemporary stationery that speaks your style, whether you’re an artist or entrepreneur, lover of travel or literature, thinker or doer. We are not just another notebook company: our notebooks are sophisticated and useful, designed with a look from the past but with thoughts to today’s society. Established in 2013 and located in Baltimore, Maryland - we strive for authenticity through simplicity by providing high quality products produced locally.

Using environmentally friendly materials such as vegetable-based inks and premium cover stocks and paper. Write Notepads & Co. makes notebooks that one can sketch out a pencil drawing or pen out a plan to succeed with their fountain pen. With a team of printer operators, binding operators and designers, Write Notepads & Co. offers a deluxe notebook in different sizes and styles. Our journals will help you be better in life and career. You will be able to remember more things, create grand projects or organize the future. There is something for every type of user.”


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